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Business Writing

The secret key to success is your written word (via computer or smart phone). In business writing, every word needs to count and every comma needs to be carefully placed. This interactive, upbeat and dynamic workshop will leave you with a renewed excitement for workplace business writing.

Choose from the Following:

  • One-hour presentation (stand-up routine) – great for a keynote or presentation to kick off a big meeting. Laughing will occur. (10-500 attendees)
  • Two-hour customized workshop – great for any workforce. Can be customized for the group. (10-40 participants)
  • Business Writing for Workforce Staff and Providers – monitoring reports, letters, email etiquette, grammar and punctuation.
  • One-on-One Customized & Confidential Tutoring: Skype, phone, in person – call to discuss

Language Classes

Hotel English Classes

In the hospitality industry, customer retention is the goal. When a resort, hotel or restaurant staff is able to communicate with guests and other co-workers in an efficient manner, the overall guest experience is significantly improved.

With Workplace ESL Solutions’ course designed specifically for hotels, your staff will be well on their way to greater levels of workplace confidence, enhanced communication skills, and feel they are an integral part in the overall guest experience.

Course Duration

20 to 40 hours of customized, practical and participatory classroom instruction (needs-based).

Associated Texts & Study Materials

Hotel English textbook and other customized materials developed from Workplace ESL’s needs assessment.

Customized Course Content Includes:

  • Greeting Customers
  • Answering Questions
  • Giving Information
  • Reporting Problems
  • Reporting Accidents & Emergencies
  • Giving Directions
  • Knowing Company Core Values

Hotel English Online – a partnership with Vegas PBS

Visit to learn English for the hospitality industry online, at home, or at a library. Go at your own pace!

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Workplace English Classes

Effective communication between co-workers, supervisors and customers is key for building a productive and efficient workplace.

Through our Workplace ESL course, your company will see immediate benefits as employees will offer improved customer service (external and internal customers).

Additionally, employees who feel they are being heard will not only have a higher level of confidence in the workplace but also tend to excel and contribute further to the company’s goals.


Students Completing This Course Will Be Able To:

  • Greet Customers
  • Respond Appropriately to Guests/Customers
  • Ask & Answer Questions
  • Give Directions & Information
  • Report Accidents & Emergencies
  • Report Problems (Work-Related or Personal)

Written Translations

Have you ever wondered if it’s “worth it” to translate materials to Spanish? If so, you’re not alone. Many businesses consider taking the step, but fall short in following through with the process. With more than 20 years’ experience in the second-language field, we can confidently say that translation is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. In your employees. In your customers. In your bottom line.

By providing timely, accurate, and culturally appropriate translations and proofreading, we remove the hassle and headache for you. Translated documents promote inclusivity, help clarify company policy, and elevate the overall communication profile of your organization. It’s a morale booster too.


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