In addition to owning and managing her own Workplace ESL business, Ronna Timpa is an active member of the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association. She works closely with the staff in many projects including sales, events, seminars and communication. Here is an article that highlights Ronna’s team involvement with NHLA. Read through it to learn all that Ronna contributes to the association and the industry. She is a highly valued member and friend of the state-wide hospitality trade association.

Ronna’s Many Activities

As mentioned in the NHLA blog post, Ronna chairs the Ambassador’s Circle comprised of members welcoming and guiding other members. The committee is open to members to join and play an active role in. Ronna is also working with the newly formed housekeeping committee. The committee will be comprised of housekeeping professionals from across the state and other supporters of the department. Relevant seminars, workshops, events and activities specifically designed for housekeeping personnel will be a major focus for this new committee. Ronna has presented many seminars for NHLA and also is on the founding council for the state chapter of Women in Lodging. She is a keynote speaker for the Northern Nevada Women in Lodging luncheon in August. Interested in learning more about the Nevada Hotel and Lodging Association? Contact Ronna Timpa, her enthusiasm is genuine and endearing. She truly is an ambassador!

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