August 4, 2016

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Must Read Books to Grow Your ESL Business |

I founded Workplace ESL Solutions in 1992 after earning my master’s degree in TESL and realizing the critical need for workplace English training. Since then, my team of language experts and I have been busting stereotypes and empowering English as a Second Language employees across continents and industries, including hospitality, education, real estate, and healthcare.  Today I am sharing 11 must read books to grow your ESL business.  These books have helped me develop myself and my business.  If you are an ESL teacher or other ESL professional looking to start your own ESL business, take a look at Hospitality ESL Certification Program HERE.

Book List (Click on the title to find the book on Amazon)


  1. The Elements of Style (Author: William Strunk, Jr.) This is my go-to book for punctuation and word choice.  I also give this book out during my business writing coaching sessions.
  3. The Best Little Grammar Book Ever! (Author: Arlene Miller) This woman writes amazing books on grammar and writing. I’ve become a better teacher because of her materials.
  5. 24 Powerful Lessons And Insights From Dale Carnegie (Author: Ethan Hunter) My success has come from three places:  My dad, Jack Nitzkin, my professor, Dr. Dale Fitzgibbons and Dale Carnegie’s teachings.
  7. Easy English Step-by-Step for ESL Learners (Author: Danielle Pelletier)   This author is an amazing woman and phenomenal ESL Instructor. Anything she writes is worth reading/using.
  9. Learn Spanish with Stories for Beginners (Author: Claudia Orea and Abel Franco) Here is a resource I use to practice/improve my Spanish.

    The next 3 suggestions are my three personal favorite books that make me a better person.  Read these books and I promise you that you’ll have a different outlook on life.  After you read one of them, please comment below or email me your thoughts.


  11. A Complaint Free World (Author: Will Bowen)
  13. The Happiness Advantage (Author: Shawn Achor)
  15. The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (Author: Don Miguel Ruiz)

    And finally, here are three business books that have changed how I do business!


  17. Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Don’t (Author: Jim Collins)
  19. Outliers: The Story of Success (Author: Malcolm Gladwell)
  21. Blue Ocean Strategy (Authors: W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne)

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