Each person has a different reaction to this day – especially in Las Vegas. For me, I can remember my husband waking me up when he got home from work (5 AM) to tell me what happened. He’s a 21 dealer on the strip and many of the dealers were hiding in the breakroom unsure of their fate. He tried calling me many times (scared for his life), but my ringer was off. When he told me, I just clung on to him for dear life and exhaled. Then I started hearing all the horror stories – people I knew who were affected – both physically and emotionally. These people will never be the same.

It’s hard not to worry in this day and age, but my 17-year-old daughter always says, “Mom, I’m living my best life.”

Tomorrow is promised to no one, but I can exhale just knowing she is happy and thriving. Seeing my daughter doing things that fuel her soul is priceless. My day “job” involves instilling motivation and helping bilingual employees seek out what gets them excited. Maybe a new position. Maybe a new hairstyle. Maybe a new exercise routine. I’m living my best life too. Thankful and appreciative of every single day. #NoRegrets

Here’s a quote that speaks to me. Does it speak to you? Are there other quotes that speak to you? Feel free to share them here.

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