Please allow me (Ronna Timpa, instructor) to share the last 6 weeks with you. It started with 15 fabulous GRAs in the housekeeping training room. Mario Medeles (Executive Housekeeper) came in and welcomed everyone (like usual). In each and every class, we can expect Mario and a couple assistants to stop by and say hi. This housekeeping department is like no other. Such special employees. During graduation, many of them called the Mirage their “second home”. Some of them have been working there for 25 years. 27 years. 23 years. Wow!  One woman who has been there for 27 years said, “I love my job.” That’s a real blessing to still love your job after 27 years.  I believe it boils down to how you feel on a daily basis at work. Do you feel seen, valued, appreciated? For these GRAs, the answer is YES!

We spent each two-hour class session learning English via the Communicative Approach – presenting, practicing and then USING English for RELEVANT communication tasks that meet the everyday immediate needs of the learner. For example, one of the role plays we mastered was:

Hotel Guest: Excuse me, I don’t have my room key! Can you open the door for me?

GRA: Do you have your ID so I can check your name?

Depending on their answer will determine what the GRA will say next. Sometimes the guest is unhappy if they can’t get into their room, so the GRA having the confidence to communicate is essential.

So, we had students from 5 different countries. Honduras, Laos, Ethiopia, Mexico and El Salvador. Everyone got along and helped each other out. We had some people who studied Math at university in his country and others who just finished 6th grade. We laughed together and learned together in a supportive environment.

The majority of women are about my age, so I feel extra close to them. They are working in housekeeping and are GRAs, but my goal is to show the world WHO they really are.  Many of them would like to be supervisors or assistant managers in the future.

I have 15 new friends and am thankful to have the opportunity to do this meaningful work and change lives.  Thank you MGM Resorts International and Mario Medeles for trusting me with these FANTASTIC employees.


Speaking Speaking and more Speaking leads to more confidence!


Here are the photos from graduation. Students did presentations and talked about S.H.O.W.

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