Become a Certified ESL Trainer

What is The Hospitality ESL Trainer Certification Program?

Are you a Hospitality Trainer looking to improve guest service with staff who struggle with the English language? Are you an ESL teacher looking to start your own workplace ESL business and really make a difference out there? Our CHET certification program is exactly what you are looking for! Click below to get started!

Workplace ESL Solutions equips participants with procedures, strategies, lessons and tools to successfully create life-changing and measurable hospitality ESL programs. Your certification includes:

  1. A customized facilitator’s guide
    • Needs Assessments
    • The Business Side – Marketing, Sales, Financials
    • Hospitality ESL methodology
    • Second Language acquisition theories
    • Course content development and lesson planning
    • Resources and materials
  2. A set of Hotel English
  3. Online access to forms, spreadsheets, lesson plans and documents
  4. 365 days email/phone support
  5. Strategies and tools for starting/growing your own business or tools for building a program internally
  6. A live, highly interactive learning experienced facilitated by Ronna Timpa, creator of the Hospitality ESL Certification Process, delivered either in a full day in-person training or three 90-minute Skype sessions.

The Hospitality ESL Trainer Certification Program (CHET) is ideally suited for:

  • Adult ABE/ESL teachers wanting to move into the workplace
  • School ESL teachers wanting to work with adults where immediate change is seen
  • Hospitality trainers seeking a new, leading edge solution for improving guest service among limited English speaking employees

CHET Requirements

  • Have some ESL teaching experience
  • Have some group facilitation experience
  • Be a native English speaker
  • CHET 3 Step Process
  • Assess your interest
  • Take survey
  • Talk with Ronna


Varies – Discuss with Ronna 

(payment plans are available)