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Workplace ESL Solutions is the creation of Ronna Timpa, a language-training pioneer and champion of workplace inclusion. Timpa founded the Las Vegas-based company in 1992 after earning her master’s degree in TESL and realizing the critical need for workplace English training. Since then, Ronna and her team of language experts have been busting stereotypes and empowering English as a Second Language employees across continents and industries, including hospitality, education, real estate, and healthcare. The industry-leading language communications firm has grown to include offices in California and Florida.

As the firm’s chief motivator, Ronna inspires her team to educate and empower clients through courses, coaching, and consultation in the areas of workplace ESL, workplace Spanish, business communications, and translations. Ronna is actively involved in each client’s program design and implementation. She is passionate about improving workplace communication, one employee at a time.

Workplace ESL Solutions is renowned for linking training to job performance and customer satisfaction. Ronna brings these topics to life through her transformative keynote speeches, numerous textbooks, and in the online hotel ESL program she imagined and engineered with Vegas PBS.


Ronna Timpa, Founder & Chief Motivator

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Workplace ESL is a Certified Women's Business Enterprise

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First of all, WBENC stands for The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. It’s the leading authority on and certifying organization for women’s business enterprises in the U.S.  This designation is important to me because it shows that Workplace ESL Solutions went through a rigorous and stringent certification process to confirm the business is owned, managed and controlled by a woman.  WBENC offers purchasing managers access to over 14,000 WBENC-Certified WBEs and I’m honored to be one of them. When companies find me through this system, they know what they are getting and it’s my job to deliver and surpass their expectations.