Workplace ESL Solutions

Workplace ESL Solutions is dedicated to helping your company with English as a second language employees achieve their education goals. No matter what your industry, you can rely upon Workplace ESL Solutions to deliver:

Rapid results: Ronna Timpa’s Workplace ESL Solutions educate students for greater language skills to enhance your business.

  • Workplace ESL classes are equipped with an expert staff of educators to lead students towards language proficiency
  • Customized English as a Second Language course content and delivery methods that have benefited thousands of customers
  • Since 1992, we have worked with hundreds of clients from the civil service sector to the hospitality industry, transforming businesses one by one by breaking down communication barriers. We are the ultimate Workplace ESL Solutions!

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Hotel ESL

In the hospitality industry, customer retention is goal.

Business Writing

The secret key to success
is your written word.


Engaging communication
in more ways than one.